eCouture 2017

…presenting all the wonder of our 2017 show!

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Photos courtesy of Steven Grover


Video courtesy of Tony Papa & Powell River Digital Film School

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A personal THANK YOU to all who contributed to the success of our 2017 event. We could not have done it without you. To all our volunteers, sponsors, designers, models… and so many more! THANK YOU!

Powell River Council for the Arts, Culture and Heritage
Malaspina Art Society
VIU Powell River Campus
First Credit Union
Coast Cultural Alliance
Base Camp
Let’s Talk Trash
Powell River Fine Arts
The Sweet Shoppe, Town Centre Mall
Powell River Public Library
Powell River Historical Museum
Powell River Peak
Powell River Daily News
Powell River Living
Photography – Jennifer Dodd and Steven Grover
Sound/Music – Barry Bennett
Tony Papa – Powell River Digital Film School
Ann Nelson – The Patricia Theatre
Refreshments – The Convenient Chef
Susan Bornstein
Paul Mercs
Caitlin Bryant
Nina Mussellam
Doreen Berrington
Brian Lee
Karen Kamon
Greg Cran
Diana Roxburgh
Mary Harris
Powell River Makerspace
Fibre Space VIU-Powell River

All the fabulous designers and their amazing models!

Featured Artists in 2017!

Adam Cramb – His passion for fashion began with Hip Hop Style in the ‘80’s. He has painted on denim since this time and as a street artist has infused his work into his original designs. He cites Alexander McQueen and Sean (Puffy) Combs as two of his fashion inspirations.

Alisha Van Belle – Bamboo and Hemp knits are a fabric favorite of local designer Alisha who believes in sustainable fibres. Upcycling is a fun way for her to express herself while connecting to her heart and the environment.

Ann Harmer – eagerly awaits every mushroom season and spends most fall days tramping through the bush with her dog, searching out the next fungal treasure, whether for dyepot, cookpot, or papermaking.

Anne Leaman – Working with unused, sometimes discarded designs, Anne loves to put her own spin on things. “The elements of colour, textures and movement are everything in my work. I love them!”

Ann Nelson – raised with enormous thrift, love and traditional creative skills by her grandparents, Ann has spent a lifetime turning castoffs and “shiny bits” into fantasies for everyday living and for the make-believe of theatre and dance.

Annie Danko – works to customize something that will be cherish in your wardrobe and want to take care of, something she hopes is a middle point, or sly introduction for some into the slow clothing world. Wayward Kin Apparel –

Candace Parker – is feeling the pull to the fibre arts and mixed media pieces! Inspired by local artist Shaunalee Yates –

Candace Pritchard – From Vancouver Island, a beach roamer and textile explorer, she studied aesthetics and traditional textile arts of shibori and katazomi surface design in Japan.

Delores de la Torre – Inspired at an early age in Mexico, by her mother and aunts who were crochet artists. Dolores loves the expression of the art and the social interaction of getting together to create.

Elaine MacKee – Teaching arts and crafts at Waldorf High School in Vancouver has kept Elaine busy for 25 years. Now she is getting creative with upcycling boring treasures she finds at the thrift store.

Fran Cudworth – One of Fran’s beliefs is that as well as food, we should be paying attention to our clothing and how we choose to dress ourselves sustainably. Fran raises sheep and a rabbit, she uses their fleece in her spinning, weaving, felting & knitting. She is passionate about local colours & natural fibres.

Guadalupe Dufour – sewing professionally since she was young, operating Perfect Fit Sewing & Alterations since 2012. Providing good quality, well-fitting daily wear to special occasion that cannot be found off the rack.

Hana-Louise Braun – Her love of fibre began at the early age of six, sitting at a treadle sewing machine with her aunt. Hana weaves, spins, crochets, sews, and does beadwork and leatherwork and when she is not doing any of the above she paints.

Isabelle Morgenstern – Colour is Isabelle’s passion. She follows her heart when she mixes her love for colour with various fabric dyeing and painting techniques. Isabelle sees art all around us, she believes that creating brings out joy and the best of us.

Jane Ireland – reveling in all forms of inspiration with a deep passion and appreciation for treasure hunting, stories and travel, including her time in Japan, inspired by the traditional techniques of shibori and indigo dye.

Kevin Wilson & Alfred Bolster – Kevin learned to knit, crochet and sew from his mother as a teen, and returned to knitting after a decades-long gap. Alfred has a history of creating and wearing outrageous outfits, many from found, secondhand or repurposed items.

Leslie Campbell – Having worked with quality fabrics for over 20 years, repurposing a variety of fibres including cottons, linens, wools and silks, recycling has been a way of life for her.

Let’s Talk Trash Team – Abby McLennan. Tai Uhlmann. Ingalisa Burns – Let’s Talk Trash believes that much of our waste stream has value and envisions a day when our society no longer produces trash and instead sees ‘waste’ as resources for creations. LTT is the Powell River Regional District’s waste management education program.

Nansi McKay – began collecting weavings, batiks and embroideries on her world travels from age 5. Her unique creative process involves the use of her hands both simultaneously and independently leading to unexpected and colourful results. Her creations reside in private collections around the globe including Portugal, Australia, Germany and Iceland.

Rachel Koopman-Gough – Has discovered the alchemy of turning loose wool fibre into a finished piece of useable art. She gets the most pleasure from the creative process, challenging herself and experimenting with various fibre-related media.

Roisin Sheehy-Culhane – Knitting and designing for decades, Roison picked up her knitting skills from her grandmother a while back. You can find her downtown at Great Balls of Wool in Powell River, BC.

Sari Spencer – always involved in creating, influenced by her mother and grandmother, both needle workers. She was introduced early to embroidery and thus began her lifelong love affair with stitchery of any kind.

Sharon Fathers – a performance athlete, flight attendant, teacher, paramedic, mom & wife and brand new to working with fibre… and loving the search for her niche!

Shaunalee Yates – has had a lifelong involvement with fibre and design in the areas of weaving, furniture, felting on silk, and most recently altered couture. Her studio is The Sow’s Ear and the Silk Purse and her work can be found locally at the 32 Lakes Gallery. She is driven by colour, texture, the subtleties and the combinations.

Sherry Worthen – began sewing as a teenager and recently reunited to her love of working with fibre through Fibre Space and upcycled clothing!

Solene Chatain – Artisan bags that are created with birch bark and deer skin. The beauty, texture and strength of these materials keeps inspiring Solene’s creations. She also works with upcycled leather and wool.

Susan MacPherson – Jewelry maker for the past 30 years, she uses brass, copper and sterling silver with designs that are influenced by flora and fauna, sights and sounds of where she lives.

Teresa Harwood-Lynn – Found her creative voice in combining unusual finds, with natural fibres and other mixed media. From rusted out bicycle seats to corroded belt buckles, she creates her own brand of weird, whacky and sometimes beautiful.

Ursula Medley – These DaVinci Caps are inspired by Renaissance Flat Caps worn by Ladies and Lords of the middle class, made from repurposed garments. Ursula Medley is an experienced art educator and local painter.,

Vanessa Kift – Studied fashion design in Vancouver and spent seven years in LA before returning to her Vancouver and Powell River where she found inspiration in leatherwork and textiles as her true passion.

Wendy Drummond – The underlying vision in Wendy’s work is to engage ‘fibre, heart and story’ into every piece; to increase awareness and appreciation of natural fibres and to promote the local fibre community. She works out of Fibre Space, her Three Stone Fibre Studio in Lund and has her work available at the 32 Lakes Gallery.